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Donald Trump spent the last year giving speeches seemingly without any notes.  That is why his endorsements of Speaker Paul Ryan and Senators John McCain and Kelly Ayotte were bizarre.  Trump made a point to show he was reading the endorsements and not speaking off the cuff.

I was a little surprised that no outlets put the word ‘endorsed’ in quotes.

Donald Trump “Endorses” Paul Ryan, John McCain, Kelly Ayotte. 



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My friends on Facebook are out of control posting political garbage.  Many are memes that have been debunked.  Who has the time to address every single post?

One friend challenged his “liberal friends” to listen to Herman Cain’s radio program for a month.  He said that the show aired from 9am – noon, Monday through Friday.  Of course, being employed, I cannot listen to political talk radio during the day … unlike the friend of mine who made the challenge.  He works less than 40 hours a week and his hours are inconsistent.

His days apparently are spent listening to and reading right wing political crap and then spewing it all over Fecesbook.

It’s not just my conservative friends that do this.  My liberal friends are just as insistent on sharing their political opinions with people who really don’t want to hear it.


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