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The Florida District 23 Democratic debate between incumbent Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Tim Canova occurred on August 14th.  The news bulletin that was picked up by many of the local news outlets in the U.S. was written by a Political Action Committee (PAC).

Bright Star PAC is based out of Margate, Florida and looks like it is the PAC behind Joe Kaufman.  Kaufman is running for District 23 as a Republican.  He was handily defeated by Wasserman Schultz in 2014, 62.7% for Wasserman Schultz and 37.3% for Kaufman.



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When you are the establishment’s chosen candidate, you can afford to duck debates.

My Florida voting district has two races for the U.S Congress, Florida Senator and Florida Congressional District 23.

For the U.S. Senate, Republicans have four choices; incumbent Marco Rubio, Carlos Beruff, Ernie Rivera and Dwight Young.  Unless you read my earlier post The Florida US Senate Republican Primary – And the Rest, you probably have never heard of the last three men.  That is exactly what Rubio is counting on.  Name recognition is a primary reason that there is over a 90% re-election rate in Congress.

There is no motivation for Rubio to debate.  It’s not out of lack of experience.  Rubio has participated in many debates over the past year as a candidate for the Republican Party nomination for president.


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Pundits are calling Republican Bob Turner’s Special Election victory in NY-9 a referendum on President Obama and the state of the economy.  I’m sure some voters cited this as their reason for voting for Turner.

It would be surprising if former Democratic Mayor Ed Koch helped Turner with his across-the-aisle endorsement.  Just like it is doubtful Turner picked up many voters over New York’s passage of gay marriage.

More likely many Democratic voters stayed home in protest over the Democratic Party’s insistence that Rep. Anthony Weiner resign over the sexting scandal even after it became clear that his constituents didn’t want him to resign.

All of the above may be factors of varying degrees but it’s nothing that couldn’t be overcome before the November 2012 General Election cycle.

What really should have the Democrats panicking is the type of candidate they are able to produce for elections.  David Weprin is probably a very nice man but he’s not a very strong candidate.

Weprin doesn’t even live in the 9th district.  If New York is unable to produce a strong candidate within the Brooklyn, Queens and Rockaway district, then they have serious problems.  Even worse, they couldn’t find a strong candidate outside the district. 

Capable but weak candidates seem to be something Democrats know well.  Massachusetts saw state Attorney General Martha Coakley lose to Scott Brown and Florida elected a corporate criminal as governor because Democrats put up a qualified but weak candidate in state CFO Alex Sink.

If Democrats are unable to find any strong, confident candidates to run in November 2012, they will be in serious trouble.  Republican candidates generally are strong, arrogant and campaign well.

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz needs to find better candidates than Weprin or 2012 will be a bloodbath.  It doesn’t appear that President Obama’s coattails are long enough to carry many Democrats along to victory so it comes down to Wasserman-Schultz finding better candidates than Weprin. 

New York’s 9th Congressional District, which hasn’t elected a Republican in 90 years, should be a wake-up call for Democrats.

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