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Many of you in Broward County probably received a mailing called ‘The Blue Card’ with endorsements for the August 30th primary for the Democratic Party.  This card was not sent out by the Broward Democratic Party.  They have confirmed that they do not endorse during primaries nor do they endorse non-partisan candidates (i.e.: judges).

This card was produced by the “Florida’s Democracy Project.

At the time of my research, there was little information about this card, but there was enough to realize that this is a bogus attempt to sway voters to certain candidates.

Other than the endorsed candidates, there is only one name on the card.  Actually, it was an email address; jgoodwinNBDC@gmail.com with a phone number.  A little research and you find that Joanne Goodwin is the president of the Northern Broward Democratic Club and her name was used on this card without her permission. (more…)


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